Easy tips to get your car through the rough winter and cruising into spring

Meals on wheels continues despite cold

MADISON,  Wis — The winter weather can be taxing on you and your car. While we can’t control Mother Nature there are some things you can do to help your vehicle through the season.
First, consider washing your car once a week. Salty cars don’t just look bad; road salt can cause internal damage to cars too. The real issue with road salt is what it does to the undercharge of your car. It can get into your suspension, brakes, and other important parts causing them to seize and rust out.

You also want to make sure your car battery is strong. If it’s older than four years consider getting it replaced.

To make it easier to see during a snowy day make sure your windshield wipers are working properly and that your wiper fluid is full. Also, check that all other fluid levels are where they need to be.

Finally, check your tires. Making sure your tire pressure and tread are where they need to be can be the key to preventing crashes or a costly bill at the repair shop.

“Vehicles that come in are the ones that aren’t properly maintained, but if you maintain your vehicle properly typically when the temperatures drop below freezing or below zero, those cars start and stop fine. It’s the cars that aren’t taken care of, those are the ones typically that we get the phone calls on,” Ted Manning, the president of West Towne Monona Tired said.