Easter Egg Hunt reworked to accommodate social distancing

ARLINGTON, Wis.– A church reworked their traditional Easter egg hunt to accommodate for social distancing.

In past years, hundreds of kids searched for Easter eggs around St. Peter’s Lutheran Church the weekend before Easter. This year instead, the church is passing out bags filled with candy and children’s activities, as well as, palm branches ahead of Palm Sunday.

Pastor Christopher Amen said the church is hoping to keep some normalcy as people adjust to a new way of life.

“Life still moves on. Easter still comes. Spring comes. We look forward to that life that’s coming,” Amen said. “That’s what we celebrate in the church, the life that our Lord provides for us and gives.”

The church is also accepting food pantry items in exchange for a ticket in a Easter basket raffle. Those items will go to the Prairie Pride Pantry.