‘East Washington Speedway:’ weekend crashes continue an alarming trend

MADISON, Wis. — There seems to be a need for speed on East Washington Avenue and it is causing all kinds of issues. 

Last week, Madison police confirmed a 6th pedestrian was struck and killed by a car driving on East Washington Avenue. 

This weekend, two more crashes were reported. The first happened Saturday night when a high speed race led to a serious accident. Two people were taken to the hospital with injuries.  

Nearly 24 hours later, another crash was reported near the intersection of East Washington Avenue and Zeier Road. However, few details are known about the crash at this time. 

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Mike Green, who says he saw the aftermath of Sunday’s crash, wants something to change.

“If we are planning on people being responsible to stop things… then we are in trouble. So we need to enforce rules for people to be responsible. We need to enforce rules,” said Green.

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The City does have an initiative program called “Vision Zero” which has focused on the area as one of its problem roads. 

Its goal is to eliminate traffic deaths by the year 2030 by taking steps to lower speed limits and make crosswalks more visible, among other adjustments.

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