East Side bakery reopens after car crashed into building

Building sustained structural damage
East Side bakery reopens after car crashed into building

A bakery on Madison’s East Side reopened on Saturday after a car involved in a high-speed chase smashed into it, damaging the building, earlier this week.

Batch Bake House opened for the first time on Williamson Street. The owner said that it will be a few weeks before the bakery is fully up to speed again, but for now, they are working in a smaller space.

The business was only open during limited hours on Saturday, customers were very excited to get their hands on the bakery’s monkey bread and croissants.

The building sustained some structural damage in the crash. The business’ pastry room took a direct hit.

Barbie Nelson, the assistant pastry chef, said that fortunately the one employee in the building at the time of the crash wasn’t hurt.

“We did a lot of cleaning on Thursday, restructuring, cleaning,” Nelson said. “A lot of equipment that was covered in Styrofoam beads from the insulation in this building with it being a historic building. So, just a lot of restructuring.”

She said that several local bakeries offered to help them get back on their feet after the incident. They lost an entire day’s worth of breads and pastries following the crash.

The owner said they’re still trying to calculate exactly how much damage the incident caused to the building and the business.

The bakery will be open again from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.