Eagle watchers flock to Sauk Prairie area

Eagle watchers flock to Sauk Prairie area

Residents and visitors ventured to the twin village of Prairie du Sac and Sauk City to take part in Eagle Watching Days, an annual event dedicated to America’s national bird.

Eagle Watching Days is organized by the Ferry Bluff Eagle Council, an organization dedicated to protecting and maintaining eagles in the Sauk Prairie area.

Bald eagles are common sights along the Wisconsin River near the twin villages.

Raptor Education Group, Inc., of Antigo, rehabilitated the eagles that were released as part of the event.

Before the release, attendees had the chance to get up close and personal with the birds, with experts fielding questions about each bird’s history and general questions about the species.

“Most people don’t get as close to an eagle as you can here,” eagle watcher William Behling said.

Eagle Watching Days wasn’t just about eagles, however. The group put on a birds of prey show featuring hawks and owls as well as educational exhibits from groups dedicated to bird conservation.

One group, Operation Migration, had a booth promoting its mission to protect whooping cranes.

“Cranes have gone through a rapid population decline historically just as eagles have and a lot of other species have,” Mary Vethe of Operation Migration said.

Vethe said the event offers people interested in bald eagles the chance to learn about other bird species in need of protection.