DWD Sec. Caleb Frostman resigns after request from Gov. Tony Evers

State of WI

MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Tony Evers announced Friday that Department of Workforce Development Secretary Caleb Frostman has resigned at Evers’ request.

Frostman’s resignation is effective immediately.

DOC Deputy Secretary Amy Pechacek will lead the department’s transition until a new secretary is appointed.

“People across our state are struggling to make ends meet, and it is unacceptable that Wisconsinites continue to wait for the support they need during these challenging times,” Gov. Evers said. “It is clear that our unemployment system has faced historic levels of claims these past few months, hindered in part by antiquated technology we inherited, and processes designed by Republicans to make it harder for folks to get these benefits.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, DWD has been overloaded with unemployment claims.

The governor has been taking intense criticism for months over the DWD’s inability to process the backlog of claims that began building after the coronavirus pandemic shut down the state and national economy.

According to department data, 713,508 weekly claims from nearly 100,000 people were still in process as of Saturday.