Dumpster diving shows amount of food wasted each day

$165 billion, 50 percent of food produced is wasted
Dumpster diving shows amount of food wasted each day

Rob Greenfield is touring the U.S. for his Goodfluence Tour. He started in San Diego and will end in New York City. He made a stop in his home state Wednesday to make a difference.

Greenfield is known for his do-good attitude and random acts to help inspire the world to become a healthier and happier place. His recent helpful act is dumpster diving for food, showing just how much food is wasted.

Each year about $165 billion, or 50 percent, of food produced is wasted. Since starting this food waste project, Greenfield witnessed a very positive reaction from the nation.

“There are very few people that actually are disappointed,” Greenfield said. “The constant reaction is that this is the exact same stuff I’d have bought at the grocery store except better.”

Greenfield will continue his tour Thursday in Milwaukee.