Dukan will sit out early season games

Returns to active roster Nov. 19
Dukan will sit out early season games

Senior Duje Dukan has regained a fourth year of competition for the 2014-15 season, it was announced Wednesday.

However, under NCAA rules, Dukan will be withheld from the first four competitions of the season.

As a result, Dukan did not participate in the Badgers’ closed scrimmage on Saturday and will sit out Wednesday’s exhibition contest against UW-Parkside as well as the first two regular season contests against Northern Kentucky and Chattanooga.

Dukan will return to the active roster for the third game of the season against Green Bay.

Dukan was credited with a season of competition during the 2012-13 season although he played only limited minutes in Wisconsin’s exhibition contest and closed scrimmage at the beginning of the season. 

Dukan was recovering from mononucleosis at that time and upon participating in the two contests, decided to use the season to fully recover. Although his participation was limited, Duje did not qualify for a medical hardship waiver for the 2012-13 year because his illness was not incapacitating for the entire season.

UW successfully sought to regain the 2012-13 season of competition; however, under NCAA rules, Dukan must sit out two contests for every one in which he played.

“We’d like to make it clear that Duje did nothing wrong in this situation,” UW Assistant Athletic Director of Compliance Katie Smith said. “We have exhausted every effort on Duje’s behalf to reduce the extent of the withholding, but unfortunately the rule does provide an opportunity to appeal.”