Drunken man damages police squad hood, police say

Drunken man damages police squad hood, police say

Police said a drunken man damaged a squad car Sunday night.

Madison police said officers were on routine foot patrol in the 2100 block of Carling Drive at 9:15 p.m. when they walked past two men chatting, one of whom wasn’t wearing a shirt.

Officers continued their walk in the neighborhood, and returned to their parked squad car to find it had significant damage to the hood area.

Witnesses told officers the shirtless man had damaged the vehicle.

Officers found 25-year-old Michael W. Walters of Madison. Police said Walters didn’t deny being involved in damaging the car. He reportedly said he pounded on the vehicle because of governmental oppression and he was angry, police said. Officers took Walters into custody on a charge of criminal damage to property.

Walters reportedly told police a variety of things that did not make sense, and he was unsteady on his feet, according to the report.

Madison police spokesman Howard Payne said Walters told officers he was drunk.

“It is unclear if the mere presence of alcohol was the root cause or just a contributing factor in this offense,” Payne said.