Drunk man can’t remember details of alleged robbery

42-year-old says his coat, bag, camera stolen
Drunk man can’t remember details of alleged robbery

A Madison man reported he was robbed of a coat and bag Tuesday but was unable to recall information about the thief to a responding officer because the man said he was drunk.

The alleged victim, 42, told police Wednesday that his black JanSport backpack, maroon Lands’ End coat and a digital camera inside the backpack were stolen the day prior at about 5:15 p.m.

The man also told police he was drunk, which the officer noted in the report appeared consistent with the man’s speech, appearance and behavior. Police said the man could not recall when or where the robbery happened or any descriptive details about the perpetrator.

According to the report, the man reported he was shoved and fell after cutting through yards. He also told police the criminal did not try to get his wallet or cellphone, which were in his pockets.

The report said the officer gave the man his contact information and advised him to call back when he was more sober as a few more details would be needed to advance the investigation.