Dropping gas prices benefit area businesses

Dropping gas prices benefit area businesses

Paying lower prices at the pumps means extra spending money for some consumers, but it can also be a big boon for businesses.

“I filled up my tank today and I think these are the lowest gas prices I’ve seen in years,” Laura Qualy, a Janesville resident said.

With gas prices averaging $2.81 per gallon across the state, motorists are not the only ones happy to fill up at the pump.

Kealey Pharmacy owner Mark Johnson said he’ll see lower costs for wholesale deliveries and he’ll be able to spend less on prescription deliveries for his customers, too.

“When gas prices are high, (it costs the pharmacy) a dollar a day surcharge just for the extra gas cost,” Johnson said. “That (will) save us another $250 a year.”

Johnson’s pharmacy deliveries will cut costs by $65 a month, allowing drivers to travel as far as 35 miles to deliver medications, something he struggled to do in the past.

According to AAA, gas prices in in Wisconsin have gone down by more than $ 0.60 since September, something that Jacob Severson, co-owner of a Janesville delivery service, is grateful for.

“We get an extra 15 percent or so with the decrease in gas per fuel tank for each car now, so a driver’s going from 40 deliveries to maybe 45 to 48,” Severson said.

Severson and eight drivers deliver food from restaurants that do not have delivery services available. They make 200 deliveries a week, but with gas so low, he’s hoping to save his business, and customers, some extra change.

“If we have a lower delivery charge, people are going to order more,” Severson said. “So it should help us on that end too.”