Drivers prepare for winter snowstorm

People plan to stay inside during winter storm
Drivers prepare for winter snowstorm

Drivers were preparing for the worst Saturday ahead of the snowstorm expected to hit Saturday night and into Sunday.

Several drivers were filling up at the PDQ on the corner of Raymond Road and McKenna Boulevard as the snow started to fall Saturday afternoon.

“I don’t mind the snow, but I don’t like the cold,” Sue Baez said. “Especially this light fluffy snow, I like this a lot better than the wet stuff we got last weekend.”

Baez said she has all her snow gear ready to go.

“My snowblower is all ready,” she said. “I just had to get some gas for it.”

She said she plans to stay inside during the storm and finish putting up her Christmas decorations. Other drivers said they couldn’t wait to be out in the snow.

“I enjoy it. I get to play outside with my kids in this,” Cory Hanson said. “It’s cool, sledding and everything else, skiing, snowmobiling. So I enjoy it.”

Other drivers like James Margiotta were stocking up on food.

“We’ve got to have the chocolate milk, BLTs, chicken noodle soup, water of course,” he said.

Margiotta said he likes the snow because he runs a snow removal business.

“It’s like money coming out of the sky for me,” he said.

The Madison Streets Division said crews were out Saturday plowing major roads in the city. Superintendent Chris Kelley said 32 crews were out during the storm. The crews put sand down on hills, curves and intersections to help with traction. Kelley said the Streets Division would not plow residential streets until there were 3 or more inches of snow on the roads and the storm was near its end.