Drivers hit 2 Wisconsin State Patrol cruisers in 3-day period

WSP stresses importance of Move Over Law
State Trooper Vehicle Rear Ended
Courtesy: Wisconsin State Patrol

MADISON, Wis. — Two drivers hit stopped Wisconsin State Patrol cruisers on separate interstates this week, the department said Wednesday.

On Monday, a semi driver sideswiped a trooper’s vehicle on Interstate 94 near County Highway N in Dane County. The state patrol said the trooper was inside helping with a traffic stop at the time.

Then on Wednesday morning, a driver lost control on an icy stretch of Interstate 41 in Winnebago County and rear-ended a cruiser that was stopped on the side of an off-ramp.

The state patrol said the trooper was out of the vehicle and checking on people involved in a crash when the second crash happened.

Neither trooper was hurt. Citations in both crashes are pending investigations, the state patrol said.

“Our troopers are lucky to have survived these incidents. They put their lives at risk to help keep our roads safe,” State Patrol Superintendent Anthony Burrell said in a news release Wednesday afternoon. “We need every driver to recognize the dangers first responders face and move over when their emergency lights are activated.”

The crashes happened the same week that Gov. Tony Evers signed a bill into law that would create a new penalty for drivers who commit traffic violations that lead to bodily harm in a construction or emergency zone.

In 2001, Wisconsin passed its Move Over law requiring drivers to slow down or change lanes to give emergency crews and construction workers additional space, according to the state’s transportation department.