Driver pulled over for driving 105 mph on Beltline, police say

Several other high-speed speeders caught
Driver pulled over for driving 105 mph on Beltline, police say

The Town of Madison Police Department is cracking down on speeders on the Beltline, after one of their officers pulled over five drivers traveling at high speeds over the weekend.

The drivers were going 79, 81, 92, 97 and 105 mph, according to police records.

“Officers don’t enjoy writing tickets, but to be honest, when speeds are so reckless there is a good feeling knowing we more than likely saved someone from injury or death,” Chief Scott Gregory said in a Facebook post.

Gregory said the man caught going 105 mph at 9:30 p.m. on Friday told the officer he thought he was going 75 mph, and was running late for work.

He was issued a $439 ticket. The other tickets range from about $150 to $376.

“It’s not worth that one or two extra minutes you’re going to save in your trip to put your life in danger or put someone else’s life in danger. How would you feel if you are in an accident or cause an accident and someone is seriously injured or killed? It’s just not worth it,” said Gregory.

.@TownOfMadisonPD gave out 5 speeding tickets on the Beltline this weekend. This driver was caught going 105mph! Check out the $439 price tag � #News3Now

— Amanda Quintana (@AmandaQTV) May 13, 2019

Gregory said every agency along West Beltline Highway has received traffic grants from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Traffic Safety to patrol the Beltline and enforce traffic laws.

Every spring, Town of Madison police begin to pick up their enforcement of the Beltline, but Gregory said after seeing these high-speed drivers, the department with be “vigorously enforcing traffic laws” and hitting the area hard with enforcement.

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