Driver leads car chase through parade, nearly hits many people

Several people, including children, were nearly hit by a driver leading a car chase through the Grand Lighted Holiday Parade in downtown Beloit on Saturday night.

“It felt like it lasted a long time,” Brittney Will said. “I know it was just seconds, but (I was) terrified for the rest of the night.”

Will took her son to the parade to see Santa and said the kids were in the road collecting candy.

“We heard yelling. We looked to the left, and all of a sudden you see a vehicle coming at you. Just the headlights,” Will said. “You hear the sirens, but you really don’t pay attention to those because you’re at a parade.”

Will pulled her son out of the road just in time.

“The first instinct you have is to grab whatever kids are around you,” Will said. “I went to go grab my son and he was literally inches away.”

Will said the truck drove through the parade, nearly hitting many people at what she said seemed like 20 to 30 miles per hour.

“He put a lot of lives in danger last night,” Will said.

Will said she will use extra caution at future events, but this won’t keep her family from attending future parades. However, she said there should be talk about change.

“I do think they need to be a little tougher with this. Drinking and driving is no joke. It does harm not just to that one person, but other people’s lives are at risk,” Will said.

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