Driver, Finley Talk NFL Labor In Madison

The weekend’s warm temperatures in Madison didn’t stop a special workout session at the Henry Vilas Zoo on Saturday.

The fourth annual event featured Green Bay Packers stars Jermichael Finley and Donald Driver, who spent the day in Madison encouraging children to exercise more.

The gathering aimed to keep children moving while combating childhood obesity by getting children outside.

“I think this was our biggest crowd ever,” said event organizer Scott Shoemaker, who attributed the high interest to “the fact that the Packers just won a Super Bowl and Driver and Finley are really fun guys to work with.”

Of course while at the event, Driver and Finley were asked about the NFL labor situation, which seems to be getting closer and closer to a resolution.

“For me, it’s going great,” said Driver. “I know Jermichael has been working out as well. I think the biggest thing is, I think we haven’t had team activities at this point, but what we are missing is our fans. We are missing the support of our fans being around. We won the Super Bowl, we haven’t had the opportunity to celebrate with our fans at all, so that’s what we are trying to get back to. So hoping that we can get this lockout situation resolved, we’ll start playing football and will give our football fans what they want. They want their Super Bowl champs in the house; we need to be in the house.”

Driver’s teammate Finley was a little more succinct.

“I’m ready to play some ball, you know, and get the Packers back to the Super Bowl,” said Finley. “To tell you the truth, we will be in Indianapolis.”

Super Bowl 46, assuming it will be played, will be at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.