Drew Fjoser

Drew Fjoser

Drew Fjoser has touched so many lives in his 23 years of life. He was especially loved by his mom and stepdad Dana and Joel Vande Hey, his dad Andy Fjoser, his siblings: Caitlin Vande Hey (Corey Rosol), Austin Fjoser, Kierstyn Fjoser, Eva Parker (Donny), Mai Vande Hey, and Cora Vande Hey. His grandparents Daphne Nelson, Greg & Pam Menk, Donna Fjoser, Ted Fjoser (Sally), and Tammy Vande Hey will miss him like crazy, as well as his Aunts, Uncles, cousins and countless friends. His nephews and niece will be raised knowing their uncle Drew loved them so much. Drew joins his cousins James and Conner as well as his grandpa James in heaven. They, along with many of your loved ones, will take care of him and keep him company until we meet again.

Many of you know him from wrestling. Drew graduated from Sauk Prairie High School in 2017. He had a gift for wrestling most of us only dream of. Whether you watched him once or all 150+ HS wins, I bet you remember his funky style. He often made coach Smith crazy during matches. Sauk Prairie Wrestling is a family and community our family will forever be grateful for. We will be setting up a wrestling scholarship in Drew’s name.

Drew was a caring, loving, affectionate, free spirit that had a lot of life left in him. He loved hiking at Devils lake. Let’s be real, he loved hiking anywhere. He also enjoyed golf, disc golf, and pretty much doing anything outside (even building snowmen). His story was not done, and I ask all you reading this to not let it be done. When you think of Drew for years to come, remember his kindness and share it. Remember his hugs and affection and pass that on. Remember his blue eyes and the smile (whether it was a real smile or the quirky open mouth smile) and share with others how that smile made you feel special. I might be biased, but his smile made my heart so happy.

Drew and our family believed in making memories and enjoying life. Our family still gets together each week for dinner. Our family still takes family vacations together. Our family is going to get through this, it’s going to be tough, but drew would want our family bondage to continue (inside joke with us) and it will.

We wish we could have told him one more time: Make Smart Choices and I Love You. The thing is, he knew it. Be sure your loved ones know it too.

Drew’s dad, his stepdad, his six siblings and I had to sit down with the funeral director. Can you believe that? We had to make decisions for him that we never thought we would have to make. Please don’t let his death be for nothing. This is a result of something that could have been prevented. Learn from this. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t get into a car with someone that has been drinking. There is always someone willing to give you a safe ride home. Use those people!!

Give your loved ones an extra-long hug today. Tell them you love them. Make time for them. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Be sure if you lose someone in your life, they know how much you loved them. Drew knew.

We invite each and every one of you to join us at Marion Park in Prairie du Sac, WI (101-199 First Street) on Saturday, May 28 from 1-5 to celebrate Drew. He loved a good time and we will have a good time. Bar Buddies will be there to give anyone a ride home that wishes to have adult beverages (must be 21+ to drink alcohol at this celebration. No exceptions).

Please keep Austin, Caitlin, Kierstyn, Eva, Mai, and Cora and our entire family in your thoughts and prayers.