‘Drag Queen Storytime’ to go off as planned amid public backlash

Beloit Public Library program
‘Drag Queen Storytime’ to go off as planned amid public backlash
Photo by Brigit Bowden

Kids in Beloit will listen to the books “Ten Thousand Dresses” and “What’s the Difference? Being Different is Amazing” Wednesday, but it’s not the stories causing a stir, it’s the storytellers.

A program called “Drag Queen Storytime” will happen Wednesday at the Beloit Public Library, and it has already gotten a lot of public feedback .

Earlier this month, the library released a statement, calling the concept “not new,” and saying other public libraries across the country have hosted similar programs with much success. The Madison Public Library hosted a similar event last summer.

The Beloit Public Library said it believes everyone in their community shares an appreciation for openness, acceptance, and the opportunity to educate their kids about people who are different from them.

In a release, a library spokesman said they know that “not everyone will like the programs they host.” The library will post signs around the library and have staff at the door to let parents know that storytime will be different than usual.

The statement added that the drag queen, Cass Marie Domino, will dress modestly while on site, so it’s appropriate for the age group attending the program.

Kids in the audience are encouraged to wear whatever makes them feel most comfortable. Since the storytime is geared toward younger children, the library is requiring parents to attend with their kids.

“Drag Queen Storytime” starts at 10 a.m. Wednesday.