Dr. Zorba Paster: The debate is over. Coffee is good for you.

OREGON, Wis. — For many people, coffee is an elixir of life. For those people, there’s good news: coffee is good for you.

In fact, Dr. Zorba Paster said the debate is over and the research proves it.

“There’s no doubt. There’s irrefutable data, a big study out of California, another one out of the U.K. and (one in) the Annals of Internal Medicine that show that drinking coffee on a regular basis is good for you,” he said.

Studies, he added, show those who drink coffee have less heart disease, fewer strokes and less colon cancer, among other benefits.

“It actually seems to be something in the coffee itself,” he explained. “It’s got antioxidants — something called polyphenols — and when we brew it the right way, it’s good for you. Now, there is a wrong way to brew your coffee and that’s boiling your coffee. We don’t do that. We use drip coffee but in Norway, they boil their coffee. They put the beans in water and boil it and it turns out, that ruins the nutrients.”

“Drip coffee is great, steamed coffee is great through an espresso maker, just make it the right way, drink up and enjoy it,” he added.

Paster recommends coffee drinkers have a little sugar if they want to, “but don’t make it a milkshake.”

As for how much coffee a person can drink, “I don’t think there’s really an upper level. There’s no data that shows an upper level of coffee is bad for you. Some people drink it continuously through work.”