DPI announces school-funding numbers

DPI announces school-funding numbers

The Department of Public Instruction released school-funding numbers Tuesday, and 183 districts will see an increase in state aid. Another 239 districts, including the Madison Metropolitan School District, will see a decrease in state aid.

Total aid given to districts has increased by a total of $47.9 million from the last school year bringing the total school funding budget to $4.342 billion, according to a release.

Funding for Madison will drop 14.5 percent compared to last year. The district will get $49.9 million from the state, which is about $9 million less than last year.

The Verona School District is getting a 16.56 percent increase, which brings its total funding up to $23.5 million. The Middleton-Cross Plains district is getting 15 percent more funding, which brings its total funding up to $9 million. The Sun Prairie School District will get 11 percent more, which brings total state funding up to $38.7 million. Janesville will get a 1 percent increase, making its total state funding $65.1 million. Beloit schools will get a 5 percent increase from last year, which brings their total state funding up to $60.4 million.

General aid amounts given to districts are based on audited school district data, including membership, property value and eligible expenditures, according to the release. School membership, which is not the same as enrollment, increased by more than 850 full-time-equivalent students. Property valuations range from $8.05 million per student to $177,400 per student. School district expenditures increased by less than 10 percent over the previous year.

According to the release, if Gov. Scott Walker’s $100 million proposed property tax legislation passes and is signed into law, the department will re-certify general school aid on Oct. 31. The legislation will give districts until Nov. 6 to determine their property tax levies.

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