Dozens of teens vaccinated at Lodi High School clinic

LODI, Wis. — The Lodi School District partnered with Hometown Pharmacy to offer COVID-19 vaccines at the high school Thursday.

About 40 students got their shot. Officials say that might sound like a low number, but other students who are 16 and up may already have been vaccinated.

They also say having the clinic on-site at the school removes obstacles like transportation and parent schedule availability, which may have gotten in the way of students getting their shot earlier.

Lodi School District administrator Vince Breunig says it’s also a good way to close what has been a challenging year of dealing with the pandemic and different learning models while trying to navigate the school year.

“It has been quite a year for our kids, but our kids are resilient, our staff is resilient and our community is resilient,” Breunig said.

The district says it will look at hosting another vaccine clinic if the Pfizer vaccine is approved for younger children.