Dozens of roosters from cockfighting ring up for adoption

Dozens of roosters from cockfighting ring up for adoption

More than a dozen roosters rescued from a cockfighting ring in western Wisconsin are looking for their forever homes.

More than 1,200 birds were seized from a dairy farm in St. Croix County after a months-long investigation.

Roosters are given methamphetamines, and razor blades are attached to their feet before they are put in a ring to fight to the death. Oftentimes even the winner is killed afterward because it is too heavily injured.

While dozens of fighting roosters were taken in by sanctuaries, hundreds of birds sickened from poor living conditions had to be euthanized.

About 120 birds were saved by Heartland Farm Sanctuary outside Verona. After weeks of rehabilitation, workers there are now trying to re-home the roosters.

“We picked them up literally the day before they were going to be killed,” sanctuary worker Quincy Markowitz said.

Re-homing the birds is harder than you think, Markowitz said.

“We have a very, very intensive adoption process,” Markowitz said. “[The birds’] black market value is hundreds if not thousands of dollars. They are valuable to people who want to fight them.”

If you are interested in adopting, you can email Markowitz at