Dozens of doomed dogs get new life in Madison

Tracy's Dogs rescue saves 70 dogs from Texas kill shelters
Dozens of doomed dogs get new life in Madison

Families waited in anticipation as 70 dogs made the trip from Texas to Madison to be adopted, but the dogs were not the only ones who made a long trip.

“We drove 900 miles from Virginia to adopt dogs from Texas, in Wisconsin. It took us two days to get here,” Sandra Lowman said.

Despite the distance, Lowman and her husband John, traveled the distance to help save dogs that would have otherwise had a different outcome. Adoption manager for pet rescue group Tracy’s Dogs, Robbie Cowly, said the dogs that were brought to Wisconsin Friday would have been killed.

“Every dog that you see come into Pet Smart tonight once had a pending euthanasia date in Texas,” Cowly said. “We wait until they hit death row and then we pull them out of the shelters.”

Tracy’s Dogs, a nonprofit organization in Texas, travels to different states to find otherwise unadoptable dogs a home.

However, this is the first time the organization has had all the dogs adopted before arriving at a location.

“We have a terrible problem in Texas,” Cowly said. “To know that these dogs sat and nobody wanted them there. These people are besides themselves, they have been waiting weeks for their dogs. We just love the dogs so much. This is what we live for.”

The Lowmans, who are both cancer survivors, said adopting two dogs Friday filled a deeper calling.

“Maybe we were left for a reason, to play with the pups,” John Lowman said.

His wife agreed.

“We got a second chance, and so our babies are getting a second chance too,” Sandra Lowman said.

Cowly said several other families were looking to adopt additional dogs. Due to the amount of pre-adoptions, the organization had to cap the number of pets in the Friday event at 70 to be able to transfer the dogs to Madison.

Tracy’s Dogs will host another adoption event Sept. 27 in Naperville, Illinois.