Downtown Madison temporarily without library

Temporary Hamilton branch now closed
Downtown Madison temporarily without library
"Question Mark" at Madison's Central Library

Currently there is no library open in downtown Madison.

The downtown’s temporary Hamilton Street location closed at 5 p.m. on Saturday for good.

Workers are now packing to move over to the newly renovated central library location.

Library users who may have had materials on hold at the Hamilton location will now have to pick up those items at the Hawthorne branch at 2707 E. Washington Ave.

Library staff said they’re looking forward to moving in to the new central location.

“The new space is really wonderful,” said Carol Froistad, services manager for the Central Library. “It’s full of light, there’s so much more seating. We have like four times the number of computers. We have great wireless that’s being put in. There’s going to be a coffee shop. You know, all these things that were just not at all on our radar two years ago.”

The 201 W. Mifflin Street location will re-open on September 21.