Dough Baby to open this week on State Street

Kristine Miller, former L'Etoile and Graze...
Dough Baby to open this week on State Street
One thing that sets Dough Baby's doughnuts apart—they're fried in coconut oil as opposed to canola oil. It doesn't make it a regretless indulgence, but it'll result in a less greasy treat. "It's light and clean tasting," she says.

Doughnut run, anyone? Madison’s downtown welcomes a new local storefront this week to the State Street lineup in Dough Baby, a doughnut-focused pastry shop being opened by Kristine Miller. Miller worked in pastry for six years at L’Etoile and Graze, and she is wife to well-known Madison chef Tory Miller.

Dough Baby is tentatively set to open this Thursday at 511 State Street, once home to the Madison Sweets.

The focus is on local, organic ingredients at Dough Baby, which Kristine says will be about half doughnuts and half cookie sandwiches, bars, brownies, hand pies, mini cakes and other confections.

“We just hope the people who are buying our food feel the care and the love that was put into every single thing,” she says. “Desserts are so often not thought of as something you need to make with the best ingredients. You’ll get really good chocolate or really good of one thing, but I want every single thing in this doughnut to be the best. Everyone has a different definition of the best; to me it’s organic and local.”

She hates the word “artisan,” but, yeah–that’s the kind of pastries they’ll offer. “It will be small-batch, more thoughtfully made,” she says. “I’m really excited to make my own jam with the amazing berries from farmers in Wisconsin.”

She’ll use that jam to make jelly-filled doughnuts, which is a childhood favorite of hers that she remembers getting at the little German bakery down the street from where she lived. “You walked in and it was everything you could want in one place. That’s the kind of feeling I want people to have when they come in here,” she says.

One thing that sets Kristine’s doughnuts apart–she’s frying hers in coconut oil as opposed to canola oil. It doesn’t make it a regretless indulgence, but it’ll result in a less greasy treat. “It’s light and clean tasting,” she says.

One doughnut Dough Baby will offer is filled with chocolate pudding and slathered with a peanut butter glaze and salted peanuts. Kristine is also excited about their cookie sandwiches. “I started making these oatmeal cream pies for holidays, and everybody was really freaking out about them,” she says. Kristine says she’ll offer chocolate chip sandwiches filled with fresh mint buttercream or strawberry buttercream.

Kristine has always wanted to own her own business, and appropriately, she’s following in the footsteps of her mother, who owned her own law practice. Two wingwomen, general manager Kathryn Gullickson and Hannah Ancona, are helping Kristine make the dream a reality. Kristine also worked with former L’Etoile employee and current New York City-based children’s book illustrator Nisse Lovendahl on Dough Baby’s logo. “I’m so in love with it,” Kristine says.