DOT moves up Highway 69 improvements

Full reconstruction scheduled for 2019
DOT moves up Highway 69 improvements

Concerns about the condition of a Dane County road have prompted the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to move up a resurfacing project.

The DOT announced Friday the resurfacing of Highway 69 between County D in Belleville and Valley Road near Verona will take place in the fall. The work was originally scheduled for 2016.

“This first project will hold things together until 2019 and this second project will fix everything with the safety project and get good soils underneath to make it a great road for the future,” said Jeff Gust, regional planning chief for the DOT. 

DOT officials said the road has rapidly deteriorated due to severe winter weather.

The $2-3 million is designed to help alleviate some of the winter pavement damage. Officials said moisture is freezing in the soil beneath the road resulting in the pavement heaving. The resurfacing is expected to reduce the amount of moisture getting to the soil.

While the project isn’t a full reconstruction, Belleville residents said the poor road conditions have been the talk of the town for years, and something is better than nothing.

“I hear about it all the time,” said Mark Schwoegler, who owns Sugar River Lanes in town. “It’s the topic of conversation and there’s nothing good to say about it”

“It’s really about time. This isn’t the first year the road has been this rough. It’s been that way for six or seven years at least, but this year, it’s been really bad out there,” Village trustee Gary Ziegler.

Ziegler said the village board was going to approach the DOT about Highway 69 if nothing was done about the road soon.

“2019 was the major makeover for the road I think,” Ziegler said. “But I don’t know, there wouldn’t have been any road left if they waited that long.” 

A full reconstruction of the highway is planned for 2019.