DOT: June one of the safest driving months since WWII

Beltline lanes will be split around bridge construction, DOT says

In the face of lower gas prices and higher traffic on Wisconsin’s roads, Department of Transportation officials said June was still one of the safest summer months in more than half a century.

With 51 traffic deaths initially recorded, June was the fourth-safest month since the end of World War II, according to a DOT release.

However, AAA experts said numbers can fluctuate between months.

DOT officials said traffic deaths are still 9 percent higher this year than the same time last year.

The safest month of June happened last year, with 44 fatalities, according to the release.

AAA forecast a record 43 million drivers would take to the roads over the summer, which is a trend experts say they expect to continue.

Alcohol, distracted driving and speeding continue to be the three biggest factors in traffic fatalities, according to AAA experts.