Don’t accept abusive, thoughtless, inhumane treatment in society

United Airlines is a temporary laughingstock: a humiliated, horrifying, disgusting laughingstock.

By-the-second technology made it inevitable that the video of a forcibly-removed airline passenger would be mercilessly mocked. Of course it really isn’t very funny.

Airlines in the United States certainly have a well-earned reputation for treating people who pay a great amount of money to fly like baggage. But they are not alone. Service is an increasingly lost art in our society and too many people seem too de-sensitized to care anymore.

What to do about it probably exceeds the wisdom of this editorial board. But here’s what we do know: it’s always worth it to support with our patronage and our tweets businesses that do it right.

There are good people doing good work, even working for airlines. Tell them. But also do not accept the kind of abusive, thoughtless, inhumane treatment we all witnessed this week. To do so contributes to an age that is uncivil enough as it is.