Donna’s Strawberry Ice

You can impress your sweetheart with this light refreshing healthful dessert. It is surprisingly easy to make but you do need to use a food processor.

1 pound frozen unsweetened strawberries (do not thaw) 1 tablespoon lemon juice 2/3 cup (1/2 of a 14 ounce can) fat-free sweetened condensed milk

Place frozen strawberries in large food processor. (Do not thaw the strawberries.)

Process until finely chopped. Add lemon juice and sweetened condensed milk. Process just until smooth. Serve immediately or store in freezer in a covered bowl.

If frozen, thaw slightly in the refrigerator or at room temperature before serving.

To serve, scoop frozen strawberry ice into serving chilled bowls or goblets.

Serves 6

Nutritional Information per serving:

Calories: 160 Fat, gm.: 0 Protein, gm.: 3 Carbs, gm.: 36 Cholesterol, mg.: 0 Fiber, gm.: 1.5