Donkey chomps on carrot-colored sports car

The owners of a donkey that allegedly bit a man’s sports car have to pay the driver nearly $7,000 for the damage, a German court ruled.

Why did the animal munch on the expensive McLaren vehicle? Police said Vitus the donkey may have mistaken the carbon-fiber backside for another orange-colored snack: a giant carrot.

The dpa news agency reported that the animal damaged the car’s paint job, which will cost the donkey’s owners 5,800 euros ($6,840).

The driver claimed that he was on his way to the doctor when he tried to turn around in a field. He started to reverse and didn’t notice the donkey until it bit the car twice, dpa reported.

An employee of his corroborated the man’s report, dpa reported.

“Did you know that a dangerous donkey was up to mischief in the area?” the lead judge in the case asked the man during the proceedings.

The court’s ruling isn’t yet legally binding, dpa reported.