Donald Driver to headline Click It or Ticket campaign

Former Packer says it is his turn to be loyal to fans
Donald Driver to headline Click It or Ticket campaign

Nearly 400 law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin will be on the lookout the next few weeks for unbuckled drivers, and a familiar face is back in Wisconsin to help promote the campaign.

Donald Driver will be helping the Wisconsin Department of Transportation promote their Click It or Ticket campaign.

Driver is the Packers’ all-time leading receiver and a “Dancing with the Stars” champion.

He was in Madison Thursday working on a project that is the next phase of his career, which is near and dear to his heart.

“I have to retire as a Green Bay Packer,” said Donald Driver when he retired from the game in February 2013. “They say when you retire you are supposed to relax and be done. I haven’t been done with anything.”

Driver is a busy father of three and lives in Texas, but his heart is still in Wisconsin.

“The fans have been loyal to me, and I need to be loyal to them,” Driver said.

Driver is the centerpiece of a new intensified seat belt enforcement campaign by WisDOT. He will be featured in TV, radio and online messages reminding motorist to buckle up.

“You have to be willing to give back to the community,” said Driver, who is passionate about the cause because he lost a good friend in a car accident who was not wearing her seat belt. “It makes you appreciate life so much more. Every time my kids get in the car I make sure I look back to see that my kids are buckled up.”

WisDOT officials said one in five drivers in Wisconsin don’t wear a seat belt, and Driver wants to be a positive role model for change.

“Sometimes young children want to hear from a professional athlete or someone they are inspired by, and that is why I continue to inspire to people to always wear your seat belt. It doesn’t take one person to get this message across, it takes millions,” Driver said.

Driver said his three kids keep him busy. He is also doing guest appearances on TV shows and he’s even starting fitness centers in Texas.

The enforcement initiative will start to ramp up starting Monday and will go through June 1.