Don Junior Explains Christianity’s Failings

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Leave it to Donald Trump Jr. to explain why Jesus was a failure:  He wasn’t tough enough.

In a recent gathering of Turning Point USA (the one where Kyle Rittenhouse received a standing ovation because he shot three men during a Kenosha demonstration), Don Junior encouraged conservatives to toughen up:  toughen up by abandoning Christian values.

“I’d love not to be participating in this cancel culture,” Junior said.  “I’d love that it doesn’t exist.  But as long as it does, folks, we better be playing the same game.  Okay?  We’ve been playing T-ball for half a century while they’ve been playing hardball and cheating.  Right?  We’ve turned the other cheek and, I understand, sort of, the biblical reference – I understand the mentality –but it’s gotten us nothing, Okay?  It’s gotten us nothing while we ceded ground in every major institution in our country.”

Now, it is easy to get all huffy about Junior’s biblical illiteracy.  But, in a theological sense, he is absolutely correct.

Jesus did tell his disciples to “turn the other cheek” if someone were to strike one of them on the cheek.

And, Jesus did end up suffering on a cross between two criminals.  You can make a case for the idea that following his own advice didn’t get Jesus very far.

Unless, of course, you ascribe some validity to Easter Sunday.

I would guess that Junior hasn’t given a lot of thought to Easter.  If he thinks about it at  all, he most likely thought Jesus made his big mistake by not capitalizing on Palm Sunday.

But that’s just religion talk.  Not everyone is comfortable with that.

We do have some reason to take issue with Trump Junior’s concept of history however.

He tells conservatives that they’ve been playing T-ball and losing for 50 years.


We’re a couple of days away from 2022.  That means 50 years ago we were a couple of days away from 1972.  Richard Nixon was beginning his campaign for reelection as president.  Richard Nixon was not known for playing T-ball.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan was elected president for two terms. His successor, George H. W. Bush, served for one term and was defeated by Bill Clinton, who managed to get himself impeached by the T-ball playing Republicans.

Clinton was followed by George W. Bush, who timidly engaged us in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Somehow, the T-ball crowd even managed to elect Trump Junior’s dad as president.

Each of those wimps considered himself a Christian – though dad’s claim to fame might be a little suspect since the only Bible verse he could recall was “an eye for an eye.”

It takes Don Junior to point out the truth:  the real goal in life is to win and the real purpose of winning is revenge.

The audience cheered.