Doing a lifetime of good, because she can

Being happy and being kind to others are a couple of things many of us aim for.
When you think about it — doing something good just might be the key.

Julie Sheldon knows all too well about that. She’s been helping people and organizations, fundraising for them since she was a little girl. She went door-to-door selling wrapping paper for one of her brothers who didn’t want to do it.

“I think that was my first dabble at learning how to ask for things,” says Julie.

That experience has led her to a lifetime of doing good for others.

Doing a lifetime of good, because she can

“For me it keeps restoring my faith in humanity, and you know you’ve done something good, you’ve impacted someone’s life and I don’t know how that can be bad.”

One endeavor Julie and her brother, Jim Sheldon, started is “Quiet Santa.” It’s a sensory-friendly event for children with special needs to get one-on-one time with Santa. The inspiration behind it – Jim’s son, Steven, who has autism.

According to Julie “something moved me and I thought I can do this, again, I can do this.”

“There’s a reason why I mentioned it to Julie cause I know if anybody could make it happen, family be darned, she’d be the one to make it happen,” Jim said.

This year, Quiet Santa is taking an unexpected break. Julie was diagnosed with small-cell lung cancer. Only 30 percent of people make it a year from the time that they’re diagnosed and it goes down from there.

Even with that burden to bear, Julie’s first thought is for others.

Doing a lifetime of good, because she can

“We were worried about what the families might feel because we are taking something from them, but the response has been great. Hey, you were there for us, we understand, we’re praying for you, that kind of stuff. Every response has been nothing but supportive.”

Now is the time for all of us to Do Something Good for Julie. Julie has taken a leave from work to undergo chemotherapy and fight for her life. Her friends and family are having a fundraiser to help support Julie financially. If you can help in anyway, please do so.

The fundraiser for Julie Sheldon is Saturday, Dec. 2 from 4pm-midnight at Doubledays, 4586 Baxter Rd. Cottage Grove, Wisconsin.

Doing a lifetime of good, because she can