Dogs that killed donkey to be returned to owner

Two dogs that attacked and killed a miniature donkey near Beloit will be returned to their owner.

The pet donkey, named Little Eeyore, suffered more than 100 puncture wounds after it was attacked in the town of Turtle Jan. 31. A veterinarian tried to save the donkey with stitches and pain medication, but it died last week.

Rock County sheriff’s Capt. Jude Maurer said the attack happened when two pit bulls got through a fence and attacked the animals inside. All the animals escaped except the 8-year-old donkey.

Bob Hannawell’s neighbors called law enforcement after seeing the attack, which sheriff’s deputies estimate lasted about two hours.

“It’s not unusual for dogs to go at-large, but this is the first case in some time that I can remember that dogs viciously attacked a domesticated animal,” Maurer said.

The dogs, who escaped from 44-year-old Roseann Samuel’s home six miles away, were returned to her.

Samuel is facing a misdemeanor charge of dogs causing damage, and she also received several other citations.

Wisconsin law does not require a dog to be put down for the first offense of a dog causing damage.

“She is on notice that her dogs did in fact cause damage, so if her dogs were able to get out again and cause damage, she is aware that her dogs could be euthanized,” Maurer said.

Hannawell said one of his biggest concerns is that these two pit bulls could possibly hurt somebody else, so he is looking to town officials for stricter animal control laws.