Dog to recover, remain playful despite serious burn injuries

Last week, Sunny started acting like a real dog again.

She’s happy, playful and loves people, despite her serious injuries from being bathed in boiling water by her former owner in December.

When the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin took Sunny in, they said it was the worst burn case they had ever seen. The veterinary team has worked hard to remove dead skin and prevent infection, and humane society officials say the process has been intense.

The staff used sweaters and hats to keep Sunny’s bandages in place and to prevent her from licking and chewing at them. Sunny stays in a foster home with Jennefer Lueck and her daughter, Peyton, while she is treated by veterinarians.

The humane society expects that Sunny will need about another month of treatment.

Sunny’s former owner, Cody Sholes, 26, allegedly caused the injuries to the dog with boiling water, according to the criminal complaint.

Sholes said that on Dec. 4 he was in the basement of his apartment and turned the water heater up to the highest temperature because the water in the apartment was cold.

Sholes told the officer that on Dec. 5 he put the dog in the tub with the water running while he attended to his 3-month-old child, police said.

Sholes told the officer that he heard the dog whimpering and when he went to the bathroom he found that the dog had torn down the curtains.

Sholes told the officer that he saw injuries on the dog and turned the water off, which caused his hand to get burned. The officer reports that while speaking with Sholes, he did not observe any injuries on him consistent with being burned by boiling water.

WARNING: The photos portraying Sunny’s injuries below are graphic

Dog to recover, remain playful despite serious burn injuries