Dog show win for Rumor is a win for food supplement company

Sales rise after Rumor's win at Westminster

A business that had been steadily growing over the years has seen a spike in sales after a recent dog show.

The Doctor’s Choice Supplements is the provider of a dog food supplement for Rumor, the winner of this year’s Westminster Dog Show.

“Probably 20 to 25 percent busier, and I think this is just the tip of the iceberg,” says Karen Duhr, warehouse and office manager for Doctor’s Choice Supplements.

The company has been providing Fido-Vite supplements to Kenlyn Kennels for several years. Kenlyn, an Edgerton kennel, is the owner of Rumor, a female German shepherd.

“When it got down to the finals, I was thinking she can’t lose, she can’t lose. Then, all of a sudden when she won, I’m like, I can’t believe she won,” says Jon Sawle, a part owner of Doctor’s Choice Supplements.

While the employees of the Prairie du Sac company celebrated Rumor’s win, they realize they are just one part of what went into the success.

“You know, we’re just one brick in the wall, but you know you’ve got to have all those bricks to make the wall,” says Sawle.

The Fido-VIte supplements provide a probiotic and enzyme that improves the health and appearance of a dog.

“It helps the food work better, helps the overall digestion and then they absorb more nutrients from their dog food,” says Sawle.

While the increase in sales is welcomed at Doctor’s Choice Supplements, they joke it has made for more work for the UPS drivers.

“Yeah, especially on Mondays, I feel a little sorry for the UPS man,” says Sawle.