Dog owner cited $187 after neighbor’s security camera catches video of him hitting pet

Dog owner cited $187 after neighbor’s security camera catches video of him hitting pet

Beloit police said they have cited a man for mistreatment of an animal after seeing a video of him beating his dog.

According to police, they were informed of the incident earlier in May after a neighbor’s security camera caught it on tape.

Lt. Andre Sayles said the beating did not meet the threshold for a felony because the dog was not critically injured, but Cody Bennington, of Beloit, was ticketed with mistreating an animal and letting an animal at large in a neighborhood.

***WARNING: The following video is very graphic***

A Beloit man says he caught his neighbor committing animal abuse… why police say today, the neighbor can’t be arrested for this. #News3Now @WISCTV_News3

— Adam Duxter (@News3Adam) June 18, 2019

The animal neglect citation will cost the dog’s owner $187.

Neighbor Chad Smith, who caught the incident on his home security camera, said he couldn’t believe what he saw.

“I can’t even put into words the frustration and anger that I had,” Smith said. “Anyone that has a dog or loves a dog would feel the same way if they watched that.”

In the video, Bennington is seen letting two of his dogs off of their leash. When the dog’s return, he uses the leash to hit one of the dogs repeatedly, before pinning the dog down, standing on it, and hitting it several times more.

“It made me sick. It was pretty gruesome to watch,” Smith said. “The dog is cowering, laying down. You can see him grab the dog’s head with both hands and slam it on the ground.”

Smith sent the video to Beloit police, who used it to issue the citation.

Sayles said Bennington explained he was trying to train the dog.

“He explained that he did do that to his animal because his animal had run off the property several times and he was instilling some discipline in his dog,” he said.

Sayles said while it’s fortunate the dog wasn’t injured further, this also means Bennington won’t lose custody of the animal.

“We have to treat our animals as we would treat ourselves,” he said. “I don’t go around hitting on my children if they do something wrong.”

Sayles said the Bennington will appear in court this week. He also faces a citation for leaving an animal at large in a neighborhood.

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