Dog lost on Thanksgiving Day returns home

8-year-old Ginger found 11 pounds lighter, a little jumpy
Dog lost on Thanksgiving Day returns home

A Watertown family was reunited with their dog Saturday after a long Thanksgiving holiday without her.

Michelle and Dave DeCono live in Watertown with their two family dogs. The family left their home Thanksgiving Day to spend it in Baraboo with family, leaving their 25-year-old son to drive separately with the dogs.

“He made it all the way to Baraboo and called and told us we needed to help him find the dog, and he’d been in an accident,” Michelle DeCono said.

One of the dogs, 8-year-old Ginger, was riding in the front seat when the accident happened.

“The airbag hit her, that’s 250 mph coming out there,” Michelle DeCono said. “I’m thinking about anybody hit with an airbag is going be looking to get away.”

The family spent hours, then days searching up and down Highway 12 for Ginger with no luck. They went to social media for help, and Ginger’s picture was shared more than 2,000 times.

Three days later on Saturday, the DeCono family was still searching when they received some good news.

“It was starting to get dark, [and there] wasn’t much more we could do,” Michelle DeCono said. “We had just gotten back in the car, and the sheriff’s department had called my sister and said a lady had her.”

Eleven pounds lighter and a little jumpy, Ginger is now home safe and sound with a clean bill of health from the veterinarian.