Dodgeville voters say no to $48 million referendum

District officials hope new ideas will come from community
Dodgeville voters say no to $48 million referendum

Several big referendums were on ballots across the state Tuesday, and while Oregon and Waunakee residents approved theirs, Dodgeville voters rejected theirs.

Nearly 80 percent of Dodgeville voters said no to a $48 million referendum.

The district wanted to build a new high school, convert the old high school into a middle school, and turn the middle school building into an intermediate school.

If approved, the referendum would have also closed an elementary school in Ridgeway.

Now school officials have to come up with a new plan for their district.

“I really think what we have to do is let ideas bubble up from the community,” Superintendent Jeff Jacobson said.

Jacobson said the referendum was a start to a conversation with the community.

The current high school is around 50 years old, and the elementary school that would have been closed was built in the 1930s.