Dodgeville residents recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning

Hospitals are releasing patients

Eight people in Dodgeville including one police officer are recovering after being poisoned by carbon monoxide.

Mary Jean Thomas’ prayers were answered as her neighbors were released from the hospital Friday.

“I was just praying they’d be OK,” said Thomas. “It was frightening; it is frightening when you get up in the night to see your neighborhood all lit up.”

Police were called to a home on West Chapel Street after reports of someone having a seizure. When they arrived they found seven people, including five children less than 12 years old, overcome by the odorless, colorless gas.

“I’m not sure how long they were exposed to it. I’m not certain about that,” said Chief David Kieffer, Dodgeville Police Department. “All family members hospitalized are expected to return home later today and each are expected to make a full recovery.”

Chief Kieffer said a bird’s nest blocking an outside air intake caused the home to fill with carbon monoxide. He warned other homeowners to take precautions to protect their families.

“Install a residential carbon monoxide detectors as a safety precaution as well as screens over pipes that are either exhaust or intake.”

Mary Jean Thomas is hoping others will listen to the chief’s advice. “I’m so relieved that they all are going to be OK, and that they had a wake-up call. They could have slept and all been gone.”

A police officer responding to the call for help was also taken to the hospital but he was quickly released and returned to work.