Dodgeville family’s handmade Christmas display attracts visitors to neighborhood

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DODGEVILLE, Wis. — For the sixth year in a row, Rachel and Levi Zumbrunnen put their handmade Christmas decorations on display in front of their home. But this year, they said they’re getting more visitors stopping by than usual.

“I just love Christmas so anything to do with Christmas, I’m all for,” Rachel Zumbrunnen said. “We will add in characters from movies that we love and watch as a family every year. It’s fun to put out in our display and it became a known thing in town so we always have a lot of people stop by.”

Zumbrunnen said each character takes a couple of days to paint and about 20 hours to set them all up with the lights in front of their home. The couple said they get visitors stopping by to observe every 10 minutes or so.

“Its nice to have something to do where we can all social distance. It’s kind of a distraction so that’s a nice feeling.”

Zumbrunnen said every year, they add more characters to their display. She also said she’s sold several pieces to people all over Wisconsin and some have been donated for fundraisers.