DOC fired agent accused of stealing drugs

Complaint: Agent stole Vicodin from probationers

Wisconsin prison officials said they fired a probation agent accused of stealing prescription drugs two days before she was formally charged.

Prosecutors filed multiple charges against Kim Hoenisch on Dec. 21, including felony drug possession and misconduct in office.

According to a criminal complaint, Hoenisch worked in a Department of Corrections field office in Wausau and stole Vicodin from probationers while they were taking urine tests. The complaint also said she stole Vicodin from one of the probationer’s houses and her cousin’s house.

DOC officials issued a statement Thursday saying they terminated Hoenisch on Dec. 19 for what they called failure to exercise good judgment. Agency Secretary Ed Wall said when department officials learned of Hoenisch’s alleged conduct they immediately asked the state Justice Department to investigate.