DNR says Wisconsin will no longer have wolf-hunting season due to endangered species ruling

MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says the state is no longer allowed to have a wolf-hunting season following a U.S. district court ruling Thursday that returned wolves to the Federal Endangered Species List.

The DNR says it is reviewing the ruling to determine how it affects those who bought licenses for the fall wolf hunt. The department also says the state’s wolf population “remains healthy and secure.”

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As a result of the Feb. 10 ruling, the DNR says permits that previously allowed the lethal removal of wolves by landowners experiencing wolf conflicts are no longer valid. The DNR is also not allowed to use lethal control as part of its conflict management program. Training dogs to track and trail wolves also is not allowed.

The DNR says it will continue to help people who have conflicts with wolves through an interagency agreement with the USDA-Wildlife Services.

If you think wolves are attacking your livestock, pets or hunting dogs, or if wolves in your area are showing threatening or dangerous behavior, you should contact USDA-Wildlife Services immediately. You can call 1-800-433-0663 or 920-324-4514 for support in southern Wisconsin.