DNR provides funding to remove lead service lines from homes

38 municipalities receive funding from the DNR

Little blue flags in lawns marks homes where lateral lead pipes will soon be a thing of the past. The city of Jefferson is making funding available to homeowners to help pay for the replacement of lateral lead pipe.

In Jefferson, it is estimated that 600 homes have lateral lead pipes running into homes. The replacement cost of lateral pipes is the responsibility of homeowners.

“We’ll apply $2,500 towards the replacement. Some of these pipes may be 3,000, 4,000, up to 5,000 dollars, but the utility got enough for $2,500 towards each service,” said Scott Adler, interim manager of Jefferson Utilities.

Jefferson is one of 38 municipalities in Wisconsin to apply for funding through the DNR’s Private Lead Service Line Replacement Funding Program. The two-year program assists disadvantaged municipalities replace lead service lines on private property.

The city of Jefferson is in the process of completing the paperwork for the voluntary program, but has seen significant interest from residents.

“They’re very excited about it. We’ve got 100 interest letters from customers since late last fall,” Adler said.

Jefferson is slated to receive $300,000 from the DNR’s lead service line replacement program. That will allow them to help approximately 100 residents remove lateral lead service lines. They hope to receive additional funding in 2018 from the DNR, which would allow them to help more homeowners.