DNR expects large turnout for deer hunting opening weekend

Deer hunting season begins Saturday and the Department of Natural Resources is expecting a large turnout for opening weekend.

“Our license sales are continually going up,” Conservation Warden Supervisor Nathan Kroeplin said.

With a large turnout of hunters, there is an increased possibility of incidents, according to DNR.

“Just plan your hunt. Let people know where you are going to be going. Roughly what time you are going to be home. So, that if something does happen, people know where to come looking for you if needed,” Kroeplin said.

Kroeplin said all hunters should obey the rules of firearm safety, which include treating every firearm as if it is loaded, keeping fingers off the trigger until ready to shoot, keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction and identifying a target and knowing what’s behind it.

All hunters need to wear at least 50% blaze orange or blaze pink, according to Wisconsin law.

Kroeplin said DNR is expecting good conditions for opening weekend.

“The woods should be relatively comfortable to be out in and recreate this weekend, so I expect it to be a busy opener,” Kroeplin said.

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