DMV reminding people they can get a free ID to vote ahead of spring primary

MADISON, Wis. — Election season is almost here again, and officials in Wisconsin are reminding people they can get a free ID for the purposes of voting from the DMV.

The next election on the calendar is the Wisconsin 2022 Spring Primary, which will be held on Tuesday, February 15.

The DMV is urging people to start the process of obtaining a valid ID for voting now if they don’t have one already. Forms of ID accepted in Wisconsin for voting include a drivers license, identification card, or a military or student ID card. A “REAL ID” card is not required for voting purposes. If you’re unsure the photo ID you have will be accepted at the polls, you can find more information on the Wisconsin Elections Commission’s website.

Those who need to get an ID card in order to vote can start the process online on the Wisconsin DMV’s website. When you start the process, you’ll be asked to provide proof of your name and birthday, proof of identity, proof of Wisconsin residency, proof of U.S. citizenship and your Social Security Number.

If you don’t have access to all of those, there is still a process to petition for an ID for the purposes of voting.

Anyone with additional questions should call the DMV’s toll-free Voter ID hotline at (844) 588-1069.