DIY trick cleans, repurposes glass candle container

DIY trick cleans, repurposes glass candle container

I love repurposing containers, especially unique-looking glass ones, into something I can use instead of just recycling them. Most containers are pretty easy – use a little Goo Gone to get rid of sticker residue, wash it thoroughly and you’ve got a sturdy, container you can use to store stuff, transport leftovers or even spray paint it to use for decoration or gift giving. But one glass container has always eluded me – the big wide jar three-wick candles come in. For some reason you can never get all of that wax to burn away, so once the wicks are useless you still have at least a half-inch of wax stuck at the bottom.

A Pinterest post I found said boiling water was all I needed to get rid of the wax and to be able to reuse the container. Thanks to Michelle Li, I had a big three-wick candle that was on its death bed to try this out with. I boiled some water in my trusty teapot and poured it on top of the stuck wax. Almost instantly I could see the wax melting and floating to the surface. After a couple hours the majority of the wax had floated to the top of the container and cooled. I pushed the chunk of wax down slightly and it split in the middle, giving me a chance to pull out the two pieces.

Once I threw away those two pieces I noticed the container was far from being clean. I dumped another round of boiling water into the container to get the wax remnants out, and then just had to deal with the wick holders stuck to the bottom of the container. The post I was referencing didn’t offer any insight into removing them so I pulled them out, soaked the container in soapy water for a bit and then started scrubbing. The actual wick holders came out really easy, but the glue used to keep them in place stuck around.

I was able to scrub away the pesky glue with a combination of Dawn dish soap and Goo Gone, but it wasn’t easy. I rotated between the dish soap and the Goo Gone twice before finally getting rid of the glue residue. That’s when I thought my candle container was done, but then I noticed a light black ring around the top of the container. The black ring was smoke residue from burning the candle, and no amount of scrubbing completely got rid of that. But the end product was pretty close to what I was expecting.

Pinterest do or don’t? This DIY trick was a pretty simple way to clean up those nice glass jars three-wick candles come in. I’ve always felt bad getting rid of them, because I never knew if I could recycle them with the wax inside so I usually tossed them. Now I will at least be able to remove the remaining wax so I can recycle the container. As for repurposing the container for something else – I would 100 percent avoid putting anything in there that might come in contact with your face (the Pinterest post suggested storing cotton balls in it) because even after all that cleaning the jar still smells like the “‘Tis the Season” scent from Bath and Body Works. I would also not use it for any type of food storage. I will mostly be using this method to clean out the container so I feel better about recycling it.