DIY tip cleans, disinfects makeup brushes

DIY tip cleans, disinfects makeup brushes

I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but when I do I brush on some foundation with some pretty common beauty tools — a regular foundation brush and a newer foundation sponge. I’ve had both of them for about a year and have rinsed them off with water, but never actually cleaned them.

I was digging around on Pinterest last week and came across a post with a simple suggestion for cleaning and disinfecting makeup brushes. The post says to mix a cup of warm water with a tablespoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of dish soap.

I mixed up the ingredients and started swirling my foundation brush in the bowl. The amount of foundation that washed out of my brush was ridiculous! I used two bowls of mixture to make sure my brush was super clean, and then wiped it on a paper towel to make sure the water coming off of the brush was clear.

Then I started on my foundation sponge. This is a relatively new way to put foundation on (as far as I am aware!) and I really like it. But apparently it holds a lot of excess foundation in the make-up application process because I used four bowls of the water, vinegar and soap mixture to clean it.

The best way I discovered to clean my sponge was to squeeze the sponge under the water so it soaks up the mixture, and then squeeze the water out while really focusing on the part you use most often. It took me awhile but the water I was squeezing out of my sponge eventually started coming out clear.

After letting my sponge and brushes dry completely, I’ll be able to use them a lot longer since they are basically like new! I also tried cleaning brushes that are used with powder and the process basically worked the same, but the powder brushes held a lot less makeup so they took less time to clean.

Pinterest do or don’t? Definite do! The post suggests cleaning your makeup brushes every other week if you use them daily, and I think that’s probably a good idea. Think of the gunk and bacteria that builds up on them. I know I’d prefer to use a clean, like-new brush over a dirty, spindly-looking brush. I’m also assuming that cleaning makeup brushes will make them last longer, so you’ll save money by not buying replacements as often.

— Hannah