District holds listening session on academic integrity

MCPASD: New policy bans cellphones from classroom on test days
District holds listening session on academic integrity

District holds listening session on academic integrity

Middleton High School has a new policy in place for students during finals week after district officials made changes amidst cheating allegations.

Parents had the chance to attend a listening session Wednesday night at Middleton High School to learn more about recent academic integrity issues.

Last month, 250 students had to retake an Advanced Placement math test because a few allegedly cheated on tests using their cellphones.

District officials said it’s been a wake-up call, and they now have a new policy in place. On test days, students have to put their cellphones in a basket and will get them back when everyone has turned in their tests.

District officials said most teachers already have policies like this, but now the rule is official.

“It’s a lesson that students need to learn, and better to learn it now than when they were in college and it might all of a sudden happen when they are expelled or at a job and they lose their job over it,” said Perry Hibner with the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District. “We really do want to move forward and use this opportunity to educate people. But having said that, we have a lot of high-achieving students, high-character students and this is an opportunity to find a way to solve a problem.”

Hibner also said there is a big push to have teachers differentiate tests, so when students take tests earlier in the day they can’t tell others who have the class later in the day about the questions.