Disney heir wants 50% of exec bonuses to go to lowest-paid employees

Disney heir wants 50% of exec bonuses to go to lowest-paid employees
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Abigail Disney is doubling down on her criticism of executive pay at her family’s company.

Just days after calling the pay of Disney’s top brass “insane,” the granddaughter of company co-founder Roy Disney wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post, in which she acknowledged she “struck a nerve with a Twitter thread about wage inequality at the Walt Disney Co.”

“I believe that Disney could well lead the way, if its leaders so chose, to a more decent, humane way of doing business,” she wrote in a piece published Tuesday.

She proposes the company put aside half of the bonuses its executives earn, distributing that to the bottom 10% of Disney’s 200,000 employees.

According to a regulatory filing, six of Disney’s top executives, including CEO Bob Iger, received stock awards and options worth a combined $62 million last year. That doesn’t include the additional bonuses — and potentially millions of dollars more — earned by lower-tier executives at the media and theme park conglomerate.

“Besides, at the pay levels we are talking about, an executive giving up half his bonus has zero effect on his quality of life,” she writes. “For the people at the bottom, it could mean a ticket out of poverty or debt. It could offer access to decent health care or an education for a child.”

Last weekend, Abigail Disney’s rant on Twitter about executive pay went viral.

“By any objective measure a pay ratio over a thousand is insane,” she said of Iger’s pay package, which amounts to $66 million — 1,424 times that of the